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Elemental Boron 60ml

Elemental Boron 60ml

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BioTrace Elemental Boron is a concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides boron, a trace element, in ionic form - a form thought to be more readily absorbed by the body.

Elemental Boron also contains concentrated mineral drops (CMD), naturally sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan, providing up to 72 trace elements that may be missing from the diet.

Serving Size 1 mL
Magnesium (DSM) 19 mg
Chloride (DSM) 57 mg
(Sodium Borate & DSM)
3 mg
Other Ingredients: Purified water, Dead Sea Minerals (DSM), Sodium Borate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate 0.1%. Vegetarian formula.


This product may be used as a part of Phase II of the RCP, as an oral source of boron.

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