Sustainably Sourced Whole Food Supplements, to Elevate Your Health

With a focus on whole food, natural products, the Mineralis collections celebrate the richness of the land and sea, offering a thoughtfully curated range of scientifically endorsed vitamins, minerals, skin care, and health foods, sourced naturally and sustainably to honour the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Rooted in Nature, Empowered by Science

Founded by Nutritional Biochemist, Hannah McCarthy BHSc NutMed, a passion for supporting the dynamic, complex system of the human body with the same divine intelligence of nature, drove years of research to deliver and continue to develop the Mineralis product range.

  • Kendal, Mother of Two

    Hannah has been such a helpful, truly inspiring and informative resource to have for the past 6 years. She has helped me with healing my gut, supporting two pregnancies and post partum. I am now 2 years post partum and I feel healthier than ever, on regular supplementation of cod liver oil and beef liver from her website, Mineralis.

  • Stephanie- Grandmother of Eight, RCP Practitioner, Metabolic Health Coach, Registered Nurse.

    Founded on the tenets of Mother Nature, Mineralis offers a product range that perfectly meets the holistic and often complex needs of my family and clients. The whole food supplements, free of synthetic additives, and everyday whole food nutrition products are outstanding. The skincare items are so nourishing that I eagerly look forward to using them daily.

  • Matthew- Father of Two, Business CEO.

    I'm so grateful for Hannah opening my eyes to the difference between whole food supplements and other products in the natural supplement industry. The difference I have felt in my body with energy, sleep and post exercise recovery has been crazy good.

Curious? Dive Deeper Here...

What are whole food products?

Absolutely! Whole food products encompass a wide range of items, from nutritional supplements like Vitamin C to nutritional products such as seasoning mixes or collagen powders, as well as skin care products like Tallow Body balms. They are all derived from nature, without synthetic additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or fillers. It's the way nature intended!

Why would I want to use whole food products?

When Mother Nature produced the whole foods from which these products are derived, she made no mistake in the chemical structure and constituents of the ingredients in which these products are sourced. There is a natural harmony and balance in each plant or animal, a natural ability to be absorbed and utilised by the human body, and a synergistic amount of each micronutrient, acting as co-factors to support the function of each other in the absorption and utilisation process once consumed. The nutrients are not isolated, high doses, that can lead to imbalances in human physiology, rather they come in this natural, harmonious state mirroring the organic nature of balance and function of human cellular function.

How would I know if my natural health supplements are synthetic?

I am passionate about helping people understand natural health products. When checking your natural health supplements, look at the ingredients list. Words like "Zinc," "Ascorbic Acid," "Vitamin D," "natural lemon flavour," or "citric acid" indicate that the product contains synthetic forms of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or flavourings. Whole food products, on the other hand, list ingredients like "Oyster," "Acerola Cherry," and "Cod Liver Oil." Terms like "organic," "purified," and "natural flavours" can be misleading and are often used for greenwashing. It's important to look beyond these words and be informed about what you're consuming.

Why would I want to avoid synthetic supplements?

When considering synthetic products in the natural health industry, it is crucial to take into account their synthetic and isolated composition. Synthetic supplements do not align with our natural human physiology and could disrupt our overall health. Synthetic vitamins only contain a small part of the whole vitamin molecule and lack the natural enzymes and co-nutrients. Example: 

Ascorbic Acid, an artificial synthetic form of vitamin C, is NOT the same as whole-food vitamin C and is missing the vital tyrosinase enzyme.

When can I expect to recieve my order?

For orders placed Monday to Thursday before 3pm, orders will be shipped the same day

For orders placed on Fridays to Sundays, orders will be shipped on the following Monday.

All orders are shipped from the Sunshine Coast warehouse via Express Post, Australia Post. Delivery times may vary depending on your region.