Dive Into my World of Natural Health Medicine: Discover the Secrets

Welcome to Mineralis, an online platform that embodies a passion for whole foods, natural health products, nutritional biochemistry finesse, creative expression, and a deep love and reverence for nature, of which we are a part.

A Fusion of Nutritional Biochemistry and Mother Earth: Root Cause Approach to Health

The gift of my Bachelor of Health Science degree in Nutritional Biochemistry has been a deep understanding of human physiology and the intricate pathways between the body’s dynamic and complex systems. After completing my studies at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, I had the honour and experience of supporting clients in my private clinical practice.

Currently, as I focus on raising my children, I wholeheartedly dedicate my professional time to the deep reverence I have for the incredible health benefits that Mother Nature provides our human physiology, through scientific research and the creative development of Mineralis, this online platform.

Our Bodies Mirror the Organic Nature of Our Environment

As I expanded my perspective from the intricate details of individual nutritional biochemistry to the wonder of human existence within the natural world, I began to perceive the reflection of human cellular function, dynamics, and balance in nature. This gentle, harmonious relationship between the synergistic properties that natural constituents offer from wholefood products revealed a regenerative, supportive, and truly holistic nature, in rhythm and balance with the cycles of human physiology.

Natural Whole Food Products

Naturally sourced vitamins and minerals offer a natural balance and synergy of constituents, Mother Nature delivers superior sources of nutrients that are far from conventional medicine. This approach to natural health supports cellular balance, without synthetic, isolated nutrients compromising the host's health.

Scientifically Supported, Peer-Reviewed Research

As a clinical nutritionist, the information and education I provide on this platform, Substack, Pinterest and my Instagram @mineralis__ is scientifically supported. I invite you to explore the Health Resources, where I share relevant information to deepen your understanding, guide you towards your optimal state of physical and emotional health, in line with Nature.